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10 Big SEO Mistakes and Web Site Optimization That Should Be Avoided

Do you know the most important mistakes that can be made in optimizing a website for search engines?
When a webmaster builds a site, they often think of how to design it for a better rank, but he forgets that the best SEO exercises should be done in order to have a better site structure.
If you plan to launch a site, you should be careful not to make these mistakes in order not to penalize the Google Penguin update.


Here are some of the 10 Big SEO Mistakes and Web Site Optimization


mistakes we make in SEO



1 Use too keywords

There is nothing worse than filling our site with over-word and keywords and creating a poor blog.
I believe that you also hate this. In fact, when you get your website filled with repetitive keywords, you are manipulating the ranking of search engines and trying to change this mechanism.

Too much repetition of a word or phrase will not increase your ranking and will not have any effect on website optimization, and if temporarily, it will be penalized after a while.

2 Broken links

Broken links refer to links that do not direct you to any specific destinations.
For example, you might have put a link in your article’s text that would attract the user and click on it, but after clicking on it, the user would not be redirected to a specific destination !!!!
Google does not like this process and may penalize you. Additionally, this process will invalidate your site’s credibility.

3 Copying

Be sure to remember when you went to school when the students copied the exams from each other as a very unpleasant job.
Or at no time ask this question yourself; suppose you are reviewing a site’s SEO, do you think it’s better to have a site with original or original content or a site filled with copied content? !!
Content theft is considered illegal by your competitors and Google will penalize your site. While that page goes out of the Google index, it may drop the index to the fullest of your site.

4 Duplicate content

Here I’m going to talk about repeating inside of your site, not a copy of the website of others.
This kind of repetition occurs when a number of articles or content you have repeated in different places on your site.
Duplicate content that happens in more than one place.
These types of replays are usually for sites that are very large or store sites that have multiple pages.
Having multiple pages with the same content causes the search engines to experience the following issues:

  • Which version to search?
  • Which version should I index ?!
  • Which version should I choose and be more popular ?!

All of these will result in lower ratings and not good website traffic result.

The most effective way to solve this problem is to use the Redirect 301 law from lower-quality pages to the site’s homepage.

Not having the title tag and meta description of the individual

I usually see websites that use similar and repetitive titles.
Sometimes content management systems, such as WordPress or Joomla, automatically generate title pages, but this is not to be confirmed. A number of SEO s consider tag titles as one of the most important factors in SEO. And definitely, it’s true !!
The title tag should be unique and effective for the following reasons:

  • Search engine robots can be indexed correctly!
  • They say to the searcher that your content is relevant to what they are looking for!
  • Enhance sensitivity and make click better!

Also, the meta description should not be forgotten because it is the point of your sales throttling in the search results, so we should try to use a unique meta description with an invitation to act and with the number of characters limited to 160.

5 Links from Invalid Resources

The links pointing to your site are a confidence vote, and in fact, with these links, the amount of credit and reputation of your site is determined.
Having links to resources related to your target market confirms that you have quality content.
Having a link from a valid and relevant blog to your target market will increase the rank and traffic multiplier than having a lot of low-quality links.

6 Keywords meta keywords

Webmasters who still use single keywords need to know that this is a non-smart way.
Because it’s been a long time since the search engines used the tag of other keywords to have no effect on SEO.
In fact, when you use keyword tags, you have a great opportunity for your competitors to easily find your keywords by searching on the HTML code of your site.
There is no other profit !!!

7 Avoid analyzing and optimizing the site

I say this seriously, if you do not measure your website data, you probably will not have any goals in your business growth!
Surely you’d love to know what parts of your site work properly and which parts need to be optimized.

Website analysis and optimization

Setting up goals and getting weekly reports is just the beginning, and you need to monitor more where your website traffic is directed and how much the rate is.
Using tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, you can analyze your site data in a specific way.

8 Lack of website optimization with inappropriate keywords

After you launch your website or blog, you need to optimize your site pages with words that meet the goals of your site or sell your products. These words should also include what the users are looking for in the search engine.
Try to make it as specific as possible, using common keywords may drive traffic to your site a lot, but the conversion rate is very low.

9 Do not let your site be cut and indexed

Matt Cutz, director of Google spam, is one of the biggest mistakes people make, but they do not allow Google and the rest of the search engines to do it!
By doing the Google and Bing webmaster settings for your site, you can be sure of this.

10 Use of unlinked anchor text links

Anchor text is referred to as clickable text on web pages.
Intelligent use of anchor text is considered one of the skills of a piece of work because the anchor textures are the primary source and source of crawlers for search engines.

Going from one page to another is something Google crawlers and search engines use with these anchor text and internal links. When I see a text-based anchor with the title “click here,” I see, regrettably, a chance to create a lost link!
So try to use your keywords among the anchor text.

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