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How to Increase our Website Traffic by updating your Website Content

How to create a better SEO site by creating new educational content for the site


The creation and production of new and unique training content for the site is a powerful strategy to increase website traffic and rank. The reason why most news sites are Google’s first results is due to the production of daily electronic content and an update to their site.

How to Increase our Website Traffic by updating your site Content?


1 Having a regular schedule for content creation for the site

You should create and add content to your site in a regular time schedule. If you are committed to this program, this will be talked about in many blogs. It is recommended to use your site and you will get a higher rating for this site.


2 Use Leverage Social Networking Sites in Content Marketing

By generating appropriate content and marketing content right on social networks, we can increase traffic and more visits to our website. So, after creating new content, share it on your own social network accounts and expand your activity.


3 Creating a link for your site by backlinks for content marketing

Blog directories are an opportunity to share your educational content and get links. Few sites that accept your content marketing process will register your site and link to your site.
By creating appropriate educational content and publishing on these blogs and linking quality links to your site, you can create a one to the two-week rating on your site and increase your visit.
If your site’s internal SEO is well done, having a content site will make it much easier for you to optimize your site for Google and other search engines. Note that the main part of the SEO process that is under your control is the site itself.
In addition, you must always remember that small measures will produce great results.

Factors for updating the new content for the site: 10 factors that can affect the up-to-date content of the training produced on the site.

One of the factors behind Google’s ranking for its results is the update and up-to-date content of a site.
Google places great emphasis on updating the content for user queries in its results, which has become a major contributor since 2011. So, in order to be Google’s first or at least Google’s first page, we need to be careful about these points.

How does Google allocate the score to the new content of the site?

The score for each page is based on user queries, some of these queries require new content and are more reliable in a small number of older citations.
Symbols: New Events, Hot News and Google Updates A great insight into the use of upmarket tags
and identifies its content on the basis of it.


  • Novelty based on the onset of site content production

A web page can get a score based on the start time of the Google profile. Google will base this time on the topic of indexing or finding the first link on this topic. Of course, in some queries, older ones are cited, and the score, in terms of time difference, leads to ratings.

Time to generate content on the site
  • Changes to a story and the impact on the electronic content freshness factor

Search engines can regularly update and modify the content that you teach in a site, and they will be notified of changes.
These changes can be a change in the body of the text. If a paragraph is added in a text, it is more effective than text that has been changed in just a few sentences.

  • The rate of file changes and how it affects the newness

The content that is often changed has a different effect on content that changes only once a year. For example, a file often edited on a daily basis can get a better score than a static and fixed file on the site.

  • Create a new site by building a new page and generate content

Some sites add a new page to their main navigation menu. These types of sites are updated every few times.
Workers believe that 20 to 30 percent of the pages should be updated each year, and new content will be created. The factors that should be considered are multi-page over time as well as its number.

  • Change the content of the site to a greater extent

Creating changes in important areas is a more powerful marker file for novelties than significant parts.
The main body tags and body of the text, especially the top of the fold (the part of the site that is more visible in the viewer’s view) is an important area, and less important areas include the sections of the menus, the episode, the bottom of the viewer, the footnotes, and the comments.

  • The freshness of the marks created on the links

If a web page has an increase in the growth rate of links, for search engines, this indicator is for a new level, for example, instead of generating a link at once, make regular, less permanent links to your site.
Even this is a spam index of links and you need to be careful that search engines monitor your behavior. You should have a catch link even from your older content. Be aware that following these simple tips will make Google’s first page.

  • Links to new and updated sites are worth more

Getting the link from the valid site and Behrouz will be more effective in addition to the effect of the new invoice on the validity of your links, so a link that takes a page over the last few years is less valuable than a link that relates to the newly published content.

  • Change in anchor text or link text and impact on the site’s up-to-date

If a website changes dramatically over time, it should be sensitive to using anchor text in its links. For example, if you already have car related content and you are already following the topic of cookery, you should create new text annotations. Because Google recognizes that old text links are not related to the new topic, you should consider modifying and creating new text links.

Creating Correct Text Anchoring
  • User behavior and impact on the site’s recent content content

What happens when users come to our site and see an article from the site three years ago?
Usually, people choose the same content in the same way, but choose different times for the new content; when faced with the old content users spend less time on the new content on the site and use the back button and even exit the site.

  • Older documents and content generated on sites

Google recognizes that it is not always based on user requests, in which case the Google age or date of the created document is an indicator of Google’s ranking.
Therefore, the floating factor depends on the type of request made by the users. For some requests, updates are a fresh invoice, and for some queries, the age factor is considered fresh.
In general, being up-to-date, relevant, and honest in making content will lead to a better rating on the educational content of your site, resulting in increased traffic and visits.

In your opinion, the factors mentioned above for the creation and production of new e-learning content for the site have an impact on the SEO and optimization of the site on Google, increase website traffic to our site. Please share your thoughts with us.

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